Sarah N

I have now been ill for 2 years and 11 months, ever since having nymph ticks on my leg on holiday, and shortly after developing a bulls eye rash on my leg. I was given 2 weeks of amoxicillin antibiotics and a further month of doxycycline after pressuring the Dr to give me some preventative treatment to rid me of potential Lyme Disease, however it was too late. I was unable to walk for 6 weeks and spent the whole time asleep unable to function.

I had episodes of vacancy, unable to think, hear or speak. I suffered from brain cloud incidents, unable to remember words. I had severe neck and back pain, headaches, mild hallucinations, sensitivity to light, sound and noise. I struggled through and got on with things, unable to secure any further support from the local Dr. Since moving area I have been trying to get NHS doctors to support me, as I suffer with reoccurring (and some new) symptoms and fatigue. I have had tests via an NHS Infectious Diseases Unit of a hospital which prove I have antibodies to a tick borne infection, Anaplasma.

Prior to the initial onset of my illness I was a fit and healthy individual, I enjoyed walking and cycled on a daily basis, I worked full time in a high level job. I can now only work part time and even this makes me extremely tired.

Current Location: Sheffield
Infected in: Dorset, Durdle Door