shaun 30 yrs, not treated,

O M G I cant believe it, I am so not alone, 30 yrs tried to just get on for 10 then had an operation for infection, had a huge bad reaction, hallucinating and so many awful feelings n pains, but docs have hated me since, they wouldn’t help me with anything, I even ended up crippled, all because I upset them when I had the hallucinations, seen by locum 10 yrs back nearly fell off his chair the state of health I was in.. odd the previous doctor had told me to go away for 10 yrs.. diagnosed fibro hypermobility cfs.. put on morphine, now discovered its lymes, but just shouted down and ignored my partner soz ex partner could take no more, she was so happy believing I could get help.. how wrong we were..did have long course antibiotics nigh killed me then vast improvement, but now desperate, where can I go to find private treatment..doc told me 20 yrs no help fr you, they wont even let me talk of it.. hand me my stick n say good bye and oh good luck..

Current Location: suffolk
Infected in: thetford forest