Steadman Hemel Hempstead

My daughter has Lyme Disease but is way too ill to write this herself. She has been ill for 8 years now and is completely bed bound, she has to wear ear plugs and ear protectors over them because of sensitivity to noise.

She has no energy and to take a shower will require 4 hours to recover from it. She can not read or watch t.v.   She has brain fog so listening to people talk taxes her completely. When she had a 20 minute visit from a doctor she severely relapsed and it took her 10 days or pure hell to get back to her ‘normal’ level of illness. She can not bare to be touched as it drains her energy completely. Mostly she just lays still in bed with no stimulation.

It took 6 years for her to be diagnosed with Lyme. Before that she was told she had M.E. and there was nothing that could be done for her. Most doctors do not believe in long term antibiotics so will not entertain treatment of Chronic Lyme. She did find a clinic here in Hemel Hempstead (which is where she got the diagnosis) but became too ill to get to the clinic and back each day. Basically she is just left in hell.

The positive test was done through an American Lab. All tests done by NHS came back negative.