Sue K, London

My exposure was in Uppsala Sweden in June of 2011 in my brother’s garden after a tick fell out of a tree into my lap. Minutes later I felt as if a needle was drilling into my left calf muscle. I started feeling unwell very quickly, but didn’t realise what it was as I hadn’t seen a tick on my body, until a couple of months later. However the GP didn’t think my EM looked typical and therefore I didn’t have it, but agreed after pressure form me, to give me Doxy. After one week my test result was negative and I was told to stop the doxy. I started using homeopathy after such acute pain in my left elbow and the bottom of my spine, and now 20 months later am still doing that, AND using a rife machine. It seems the only two ABX available are Doxy and penicillin. Allergic to Penicillin, and now knowing that Spirochetes form cysts to hide from attack, homeopathy has been the only viable option for me. I did not do well with the Cowden Protocol either, so bought a rife machine, which helps disable the spirochetes, and have ordered some MMS. I have so far spent about £2000 trying to help myself when both public and private medicine failed to offer anything genuinely helpful. Homeopathy is what allows me to continue to work, Rife is what allows me to eat more normally at last. I had lost enormous amount of weight, going down from nearly 11st, to less than 9.5st. But I do believe there is light ahead. I have also recently used the opportunity to be tested by an Asyra Bio Resonance Machine, which can deliver appropriate digitally produced homeopathic remedies to deal accurately with disorders it has diagnosed. I know my story is not typical.

Current Location: East Dulwich, London, UK”
Infected in: Uppsala, Sweden