Susan- Oxfordshire

I developed an itchy rash on my left leg a week after a camping trip which over a period of a few days developed into a distinctive bulls eye shape. I had heard of Lyme disease and realised that was what I had after checking some images on the internet so made an appointment to see my GP the next day, at that time I had no other symptoms. I went to work and began to feel extremely unwell, my heart was pounding and I felt I was developing a flu like illness. I was taken to A and E with a pulse of 160, feeling like I was being punched from inside with the palpitations. The Registrar I saw in A and E immediately said she felt I had Lyme disease, although she had not come across it before the rash was so distinctive. As I had no other symptoms I had to remain in the department for several hours whilst they excluded any other cause for my palpitations before starting a 5 week course of antibiotics and 3 nights on the infectious diseases ward. Several doctors in the hospital and my GP took photographs of the rash as they had not seen it before other than in a textbook. Although I was tested I was negative,not surprisingly as I was treated within a week of being bitten, but was still treated as having a presumed diagnosis of Lyme disease. After discharge I had a couple more visits to hospital/GP with awful palpitations which would seem to have settled then return out of the blue, along with an overwhelming feeling of nausea, tiredness and dizziness. However,I returned to work fully fit within 4 months after follow up from the medics and cardiologists and have had no further symptoms, this was 2 years ago. My only frustration was that although I was lucky enough to be diagnosed and treated quickly my palpitations were often dismissed as anxiety related. I am the least anxious person I know and have not had palpitations before or since having Lyme disease! Having said that I am so grateful to have had speedy treatment as I cannot imagine what it must be like to live with this awful disease undiagnosed.

Current Location: Oxford
Infected in: Uffington near Oxford