Susanne Sklar’s Story

I used to love Wordsworth but it was while frolicking with his poetry in the Lake District that the tick bit me. I had a rash, it kept growing, and after two weeks my doctor in Oxford said he thought I’d had a spider bite. The rash kept shining — and my knees started hurting. Then I felt tired — and got what I thought was the flu. For nearly seven years, then, I was sick.

After six months I was diagnosed with Lyme — but I was given just a two week dose of doxycylcine. One of my dearest friends in America was horrified by this — and arranged for me to have six months of antiobioitcs — which kept me healthy enough to keep writing my doctoral thesis. Every day I’d crawl (I couldn’t walk) to my desk and write for about twenty minutes — before collapsing again. I did that twice a day. For two years I was conscious and functional just six or eight hours a day. I kept losing weight, and getting weaker; I managed to teach part-time, but, living with Lyme is living in brain fog: I kept forgetting things and got so weak I couldn’t even carry my groceries. In the course of three years I saw eleven different doctors (one said: “There’s no Lyme disease in the UK!” — another told me: “Lyme is a bogus illness!”)

Finally I found out about Lyme research and went to Falmouth Massachusetts where Dr. Sam Donta (Professor Emeritus of Infectious Diseases at Boston University) Saved my MIND and my LIFE. (He gave me a ‘cocktail’ of simple antibiotics — which changed every six months) I was teaching at Northwestern University near Chicago then, and was sent (by a wise friend) to a wonderful holistic doctor — David Edeleberg — who happily consulted with Dr. Donta. Dr Edelberg’s creative intelligence and careful monitoring restored me to almost normal health — after four years of treatment. I thank these good doctors with all my heart. Would that they could be cloned — and spread throughout the UK!!

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