Tara S – Brighton

I was bitten in India 61/2 years ago. I travelled home to find tick on my back. I had tick removed in my local hospital without any advice about watching out for any unusual symptoms etc, I developed all of the classic Lyme disease symptoms first an expanding rash, then a whole range of painful and frightening symptoms. Doctors gave me a couple of weeks of Doxycicline and told me this word cure it, despite much evidence showing this is in no way enough.

The NHS has completely failed me. Despite many positive tests from non- nhs labs NHS doctors refuse to acknowledge these or treat clinical symptoms which continue. This disease has cost thousands on thousands over the years which means continued financial struggle. It cost me my job and the possibility of having children. I find myself along with others in the same boat struggling alone to try and treat this complex and debilitating disease.

The NHS’s negligence is disgraceful.

Current Location: Brighton
Infected in: Southern India