Theresa. Leicestershire

I first noticed that I’d been been bitten by something in June 2004. A few days earlier I’d gone to visit Belvoir Castle in Rutland but I’d not noticed any ticks on me. The back of my leg felt itchy and when I scratched it it was very sore. When I checked it there was a distinct red mark but no tick. Soon after I discovered that I’d also been bitten on the top of my head. Within days I could barely brush or touch my hair as it was so sore. I went to GP who dismissed the bites and irritation as a slight reaction to a bite. Over the following few months the ring around the bite on my leg grew bigger and a red rash gradually spread down my face. Many more trips to GP who at various times told me I was stressed, hormonal etc .. During this time I was feeling slightly fluey and my temperature kept spiking ( hormones again ) I started feeling very tired depressed and had an irregular heartbeat ( too much caffeine said GP) by May 2006 my leg and foot had become very red and was swollen so I was referred to a dermatologist ..he had no idea either! A chance comment with a friend about someone they knew with Lyme disease couldn’t cope with alcohol and had problems with irregular heart beat prompted me to go back to my GP and request the Lyme test. He agreed but assured me there was no Lyme disease in Leicestershire . It came back positive and I was prescribed doxycycline which I was on for 6 months. I don’t know if I’m cured and I’ve never had a proper consultation with a specialist in the disease even though I asked to be referred. I’ve never recovered my previous level of energy and still go through long periods when I feel very tired and unwell.

Current Location: Leicestershire
Infected in: Belvoir castle Rutland