Toni K – Shropshire

My Lyme story begins back in July 2009 when I was bitten while gardening in my husband’s gardening business. At that time I have never heard of lyme disease or how ill you can become from a tick borne infection and how your life can change forever. It was 18 months before it was suspected that I could have lyme disease. In that time I visited the GP many times with aching joints, extreme tiredness, fever, headaches and it was only in October 2010 when my body finally could not take it no more and I collapsed twice that I was tested for lyme. Of course, my test came back negative so then started the terrible battle to try and gain medication for my deteriorating health. After changing GPS, seen by many consultants and infectious disease consultants, I finally had to result to paying private to try and regain some of my health. I am now paying for my antibiotic treatment privately and along with the supplements, private consultations has all left me in terrible debt but at least I have regained some of my health. It is by no means perfect but at least I can now walk with a stick and only rely on my mobility scooter for longer walking distances. In all, I closely monitor how I am feeling from day to day, allowing myself plenty of rest to do the small things that I used to take for granted. Long gone are the days when I could work, walk the dog, exercise. I now at least for the present time have an understanding GP who is willing to listen and try to help, albeit I still have to fund my medication privately.

Current Location: Oswestry, Shropshire
Infected in: Llansantffraid, Powys