Tony Bent, Basildon, Essex

Walking the dog locally in Sep 2007, wearing shorts. Got home and found a fully engorged tick stuck to my leg. Pulled it out and thought nothing of it. A week later my ankle was swollen from the bite with an expanding red rash. GP diagnosed it as cellulitis, gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics. Had a few years of ‘not feeling right’, then in February 2011 was hospitalised with pericarditis, pleurisy, pericardial effusion, high fever and flu symptoms after a stressful day with my pregnant wife. I was in and out of hospital all that year with severe fatigue in-between the relapses. The doctors diagnosed my condition as ‘viral’.
Had countless consultations, MRI, CAT scans, ultrasounds. By the end of 2011 I had worsening neurological symptoms – brain fog, slurred speech, acute hyperacusis which rustic ally affected my life.
I found out about Lyme Disease on the Internet and could not believe that none of the doctors I had seen, including the Hospital for Tropical diseases in London, did not make the connection to the tick bite – because my blood tests were negative. I knew about he notorious in accuracy of the tests, and my clinical history was 100% supportive of a Lyme diagnosis.
Had various doctors dismiss my suggestion of Lyme, so booked into Breakspear Hospital to see a specialist, privately.
By the time the appointment came round I was curled up in crippling neuropathic pain in my neck, shoulders and arms. I was diagnosed clinically and had subsequent tests to support the diagnosis.
Was treated immediately with IV antibiotics for 3 months, then orals, along with lots of supplements, dietary changes and guidance.
A year later it’s cost my family £25k but I have my life back. I’m still recovering and am not symptom free, but I’ve learned to live with how I am.
The ignorance in the HPA and DOH is absolutely inhumane. Things need to change.

Current Location: Basildon, Essex
Infected in: Basildon, Essex