Tracy Brennan, Dublin, mother of 3 small children

My third baby girl was born July 2011. Everything was perfect for the first 3 weeks. It started with ear infections and a weakness in my legs. It was a weakness that made me think I would collapse. Undiagnosed unbearable ear pain followed, then muscle & joint pain all over my body, blood sugar problems, bowel problems, a stomach bleed, flu like symptoms, terrible menstrual problems. On top of all of this I had every cough, chest infection, flu & sore throat imaginable. A stroke of luck got me in front of a doctor who spent 30 years in the US. Hecdiagnosed me clinically. Then followed the round of negative tests, an Infectious Diseases Consultant telling me ” you don’t have Lyme Disease, go back to your GP”. It was as good as giving me a death sentence. Luckily I found a specialised clinic in Europe, am on treatment and am starting to function again. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I was most likely bitten in Montauk, Long Island, US when I lived there as a student for 4 months in 1994. No rash, no flu like illness and no re-collection of a bite but then that’s the problem with Lyme. You don’t always know you’ve been bitten. Please God let this misery and injustice end soon for all of us, but especially for the children affected. No child should be unwell and in pain and denied treatment.

Current Location: Dublin, Ireland
Infected in: Montauk, Long Island, US in 1994