Vanessa Rochester Kent

Whilst on holiday in Devon 6 years ago my dog was very ill and I too felt awful. Jaff, my dog, was treated immediately for Lyme disease as a precaution. I was tested but refused antibiotics. The test came back negative. 6 months later I developed a dropped foot, intense dizzy spells, weird sensations, clumsiness and terrible tiredness. I paid for a private Lyme test from Igenex. It came back positive and my MRI apparently supports a Lyme diagnosis but because the test was done in America my consultants, all 14 of them, refuse to acknowledge it. I seem to have develped Multiple Sclerosis and asthma simultaneously 6 years ago according to them. How can we possibly have faith in the NHS? Do they think we’re stupid! By the way, the free roaming goats in N Devon are routinely given antibiotics because of Lyme dsease. My advice. See a vet. My dog was cured. My life is diminished.