Viv B -Berkshire UK

infected at Runneymead, Berkshire, UK
i was bitten by a tick late august and started having symptons (headaches, muscle pains, joint pains, chronic fatigue and my legs just seizeing up so i can’t walk) a week later. i have been given a couple of months antibiotics and felt much better whilst taking them however a couple of weeks after they were stopped all my symptons returned. i have since seen various consultants, infectous diseases and Rhuematologists all who insist it can’t not be lyme because i had antibiotics and so i am cured! and all i now need is therapy. i feel totally let down by the NHS who are ignoring all the recent research into Lyme and if you mention any of this research to the consultants they treat you like an idiot. i am now having to go for private treatment which i can ill afford.

Current Location:
Infected in: Runnymead, Berkshire