Will – London

I was bitten by a tick whilst on a field trip in the Black Forest, Germany, in 1997. It was the one and only time I have been bitten.

I returned to the UK to spend 6 weeks map making and living under canvas. The weather was wet and miserable and I became run down so headed home early for some recovery time. When I got home I noticed a red rash near the site of the tick bite but didnt really link the 2 things at first. But I visited the doctor in-case I had some nasty fungal infection. The doctor took a look and said I had nothing to worry about and it should clear up in a few days.

Over the next week or so the flu like symptoms got worse and whilst in casual conversation with a colleague I mentioned that I had been bitten by a tick and they said they thought they had heard about some disease carried by ticks. They weren’t sure but I went away and did the research, found out about Lyme Disease and the list of symptoms (including the tell-tale erythema migrans) and went back to the GP and asked her to read the notes I had printed off the internet. She took a couple of minutes to take it in and then sent me for a blood test, when I returned 15 minutes later I found she had booked me into the local Royal Infirmary.

At the hospital I was very popular with the specialists from the Infectious diseases dept. as they had never seen the migrans before so they took lots of photos.

I was put on a treatment of IV polycyclic antibiotics for 7 days and that seems to have done the trick?

I have never had any follow up from the hospital or the GP.

Current Location: London, UK
Infected in: Black Forest, Germany, in 1997.