Zoe Age 15- Surrey

Misdiagnosed as having ME/CF or just depressed by GP. Lost 6 months of my life- fatigue, headaches, fevers. I am 15 years old and have missed a lot of school. My parents took me privately to see a peadiatrician who got a positive Lyme disease result- we had no idea what was wrong but I knew I had an illness and it wasn’t in my head. After 2 weeks of Doxy I felt amazing but within five days of completing them the symptoms returned. He prescribed different 2 week course of antibiotics which failed to do anything because thats what the HPA recommend. Back to GP who gave us a months supply of Doxy. Starting to feel better but not sure where we go from here. I wish I could protest with you. Doctors just don’t get it.

Current Location: Near Woking, Surrey
Infected in: No idea.