Media Coverage 2015

London 2015 Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest

Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest London 2015


Donna Hopkins Hull Protest


Richard Brooke Powell in the Cambridge News

Media Coverage 2014

Manchester 2014 Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest

Manchester 2014 protest

London 2014 Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest

London UK Worldwide Lyme Protest 2014 Copyright Peter Kemp

Worldwide Lyme Diseas Protest UK 2014 Media Coverage

Live streaming of the London World Wide Lyme Protest (WWLP) 2014 17th May

Demotix news item of the Manchester Protest WWLP

Manchester and London protest are both on the main UK WWLP FB page:

Scarborough 16th May 2014 Maureen May Huntley and husband 150 leaflets distributed. Eye-catching informative placards. many people learned about Lyme for the first time.

Rico Franchi – Evening Times: ‘It Took Doctors Two Years to Diagnose my Lyme Disease’ – 2014

Chantelle Lewis – We Are the City: ‘About Lyme From Chantelle Lewis’ – 2014

Nicola Seal – Scottish TV News – 2014

Natasha Metcalf – BBC Inside Out West Documentary – 2014

Nicola Seal and Jenny O’Dea – Lymelight Radio – 2014

Vanina Mannu – Daily Mail article: ‘The Hungry Bug Hiding in the Grass that Can Wreck Your Life for Years’ – 2014

Vanina Mannu – ITV London News – 2014

Laura Brown – Tamworth Herald: ‘Tamworth Mum Raises Awareness of Lyme Disease’ – 2014

Andrew Hug – Youtube video: ‘My experiences with ME, CFS and Lyme Disease’ – 2014

Amber Jane Davis – Personal website article ‘The Crazy Disease Called Lyme’ – 2014

MC Herx – The Chronicles of Borrelia Music Video

Nicola Seal – BBC Breakfast TV – 3rd May 2014

Sarah Bignell-Howse – BBC Southwest Today – 3rd May 2014

Adelle Huckins – The Northern Echo: ‘Raising Awareness of Lyme Disease Throughout May’ – 4th May 2014

Laura Brown – Tamworth Herald: ‘Fund-raising event to raise awareness of Lyme Disease in Tamworth Approaching’ – 10th May 2014

Adelle Huckins – Coastal View and Moor News Issue 47 May – June 2014: ‘Appeal Team to Raise Awareness During Lyme Disease Awareness Month’

Holly Reynolds and Sophie Kellaway – Corbis Images: ‘First Lyme Disease awareness campaign takes place in Manchester’ -May 2014

Tony Bent and Sarah Mills – Colchester Gazette; Echo South End and Basildon ‘A tick-ing time bomb! The bug behind the mystery illness that affects up to 3,000 people a year’ – May 20th 2014

Heather Heartlove – Canterbury Times: ”I Was Crying With Pain. It Was So Intense’: One Woman’s Struggle with Lyme Disease’ – May 2014

Mukesh Welwyn Hatfield Times

Media Coverage 2013

The UK Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest 2013 received extensive coverage in the local and National media.


BBC website article (was top story):

BBC breakfast TV:

Web MD:

BBC radio Scotland (Nicola Seal), start listening at 1hr 46 mins:

Elliot on Radio Solent, start listening at 1hr 42:

Tony Bent on five live Breakfast

Denise Longman on Radio Suffolk, start listening at 1 min 53:

Adelle Huckins on the radio, BBC Newcastle: and on Tyne tees radio with Stella Huyshe-Shires, 2hrs 6 mins into the prog:

The Herald, Nicola Seal:

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavillion

Natasha Metcalf in This is Dorset:

Louise Dean in the local paper (she isn’t actually from Orpington):

Sharon Joy Sutcliffes daughter you tube:

Photographs from a journalist/ photographer at the protest:

Angela Howard on radio Wiltshire Fri 10th May around 5.05 pm