Too Sick to Protest? – what you can do

Don’t worry, there are still lots of things you can do from home for the UK worldwide Lyme Protest:

  1. Sign the UK petition, This petition currently has 1912 signatures, we aim to get lots of new signatures and hope to hand the petition into a Department of Health representative on the day of the protest. We will be printing out the stories from the Lyme tree and peoples’ photo messages to hand in with the petition. If everyone got even just one family or friend to sign it would make a big difference.
  2. Tell us your story. Just a few words, or up to 200, it doesn’t matter. Put your story on our Lyme tree and/or post a photo message into the facebook page. The more personal stories we have on there the better. These are the stories that will interest journalists and they can make a big impact. We will print these stories and display them at the protest, and will be handing copies of them into the Dept of Health along with the petition. Stories/photos from friends and family are very welcome- it affects you too!!
  3. Are you able to help with writing to journalists and news correspondents? We would like some press coverage of the protest, but it can be very hard to get media interest in Lyme. It would be good to target health correspondents for the national newspapers, can you use press contacts for the local press? Could you write a letter to an outdoor magazine or write to the editor, suggesting a Lyme story?. Local radio/TV would also be good. Blogs can also be influential- do you know any who would be interested? If anyone has experience in writing press releases or wouldn’t mind giving it a go- please step forward- we need your help, I just don’t have time to do it all myself.
  4. Write to your MP! Many MP’s are simply not aware of the existence of Lyme in their constituencies. Find out who your MP is here Stumped for what to write? An example of what you could write is here.
  5. Can you, or your friends and family put up posters to publicise the event? Find a downloadable A4 portrait poster here.
  6. If protesting isn’t your thing, you can still spread Lyme awareness in May by distributing leaflets and posters. Write to Lyme Disease Action and they will send you free leaflets and posters, available here. BADA-UK also have leaflets and posters to download and print off yourself, here bada leaflets. Sponsoring fund raising events such as this Denny’s run for LDA or holding one of your own (coffee mornings are always a winner!). This would help LDA do more of their essential work. This year they are educating doctors by attending two major medical conferences They are also holding meetings with the British Infection Association and Health Protection Agency and they are kick-starting research. They rely on donations to fund this work, so please give generously.