Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest 2017

UK Lyme Petition

In the UK, most doctors are still unaware of how serious and widespread Lyme Borreliosis is across Europe, and of how many cases must be going undiagnosed here.

In the Netherlands, over 85,000 signatures were collected on a similar petition and this prompted a full discussion in their parliament. This led to their government setting up several clinical trials, which are now ongoing, to investigate the best antibiotic treatment regimes.

Please sign – or better still, download the paper forms and ask for signatures from people in your family, your colleagues at work or in your church, if they would like to support us. Thank you

Click to sign the UK Lyme Petition


Following the success of the UK protest, many new petition signatures and the recent run of publicity for Lyme disease, UK Lyme disease sufferers have asked for 38 degrees to run a campaign on our behalf.

38 Degrees is a British not-for-profit political-activism organisation that campaigns on a diverse range of issues, it has a good record for effecting change and putting pressure on the politicians.

Please VOTE for this campaign, it’s easy to sign in and vote. You get given three votes, it would help us if you used all three to vote for this campaign. Many thanks in advance.


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Reports from Lyme

Buildings in many countries were lit up green, including the ferris wheel at Liseberg park Gothenburg Sweden, the CN Tower in Canada, and a number in Australia


Since the 2013 UK protest where a petition with nearly 4000 signatures along with patient stories and photo messages were handed into the dept of Health, the petition has trebled in size to 12,000 with a further 1,000 on paper.


Links to all the coverage that we are aware of are on the UK Media Coverage page. Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard to make this such a success.

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